Lee Grant


Features, Interviews and Publications

2015 Interviewed on ABC Radio National by Mel Tait:  link
2015 Interviewed and featured in The New Yorker's PhotoBooth: link
2014 Featured/ interviewed in Curvy 9: Semi Permanent
2014 Featured in Poetic Justice: Contemporary Australian Voices on Equality and Human Rights: link
2013 Interviewed in Try Hard Magazine Edition #2: link
2013 Interviewed in The Meander Journal: link
2013 Oculi interview on Eric Kim’s Blog: link
2013 Interviewed in QCP’s Lucida Magazine: link
2013 Featured in TRUNK Vol.2 - Blood: published by Boccallate Pty Ltd, Sydney: link
2012 Belco Pride: published by Au.thentic Press
2012 Fuji 10×100: published by T&G Publishing and Fuji Australia
2012 The Big Issue #401: Roving Eye feature on Belco Pride
2011 Interviewed by Andy Adams on Flak Photo: link
2011 Featured in Issue 1 of TAKE: link
2011 Featured in Right Now Magazine: link
2011 Interviewed on ABC’s 7.30 ACT: link
2011 Featured on Verve- The New Breed of Documentary Photographers: link
2011 Interview featured on Hotels we Love: link
2011 Interviewed on ABC’s CanberrArts Take 5: link
2011 Featured on Connective-Collective: link
2011 Interview featured on Aloud: link   
2011 Interview featured on Mossless Magazine: link
2011 Featured in Carne Mag: link
2010 Featured on aCurator: link
2010 Featured on Flak Photo: link
2010 Hijacked Volume 2: Australia and Germany

Web Projects

2011-13 Timemachine Magazine (co-founder and editor)
2009-14 Light Journeys: Australian Women Working in Photography (founder and co-curator)