Lee Grant


10×100: Fine pix X100 by 10 Australian photographers

Photographs by John Ogden, Heide Smith, Max Pam, Narelle Autio, Marian Drew, Brad Rimmer, Jack Picone, Lee Grant, Tim Page & Louise Whelan
Foreword by Maurice Ortega, Director of the Queensland Centre for Photography
Hardcover: 268mm (W) x 243mm (D) / 10.5 x 9.6 inches
128 pages with 100 colour plates
ISBN: 9780987079015

Publisher’s Description:

Fujifilm Professional and T&G Publishing have selected 10 of Australia’s finest contemporary photographers for this unprecedented publication. They were invited to explore their creativity using Fujifilm’s recently developed, compact, new generation Finepix X100 digital camera, submitting 10 photographs each for publication.

The 10 were chosen for their prominence as world-class photographers, their award-winning careers and their status as some of Australia’s finest working visual artists. They were also chosen for the diversity of their portfolios, their unique approach to the medium and their differing technique, providing the perfect test for Fujifilm’s innovative, state-of-the-art digital camera.

In creating the Finepix X100, Fujifilm embraced photography’s traditions while creating a picture-taking instrument departing completely from today’s increasingly predictable digital cameras. At first glance, the elegant Finepix X100 resembles the great rangefinder film cameras used by such pioneers of the art of photography in the mid-20th century as Henri Cartier-Bresson. But with its unique imaging sensor, specially created lens and hybrid optical/digital viewfinder, the X100 is designed to surpass the legendary responsiveness of rangefinder film cameras. The beautifully reproduced photographs in this book reflect 10 Australian photographers and their visionary responses to using a most remarkable 21st-century camera.

As a collaboration between T&G Publishing, Fujifilm Australia and 10 photographers, this book shows a unique relationship between publisher, film company and photographer, promoting Australian photography and the versatility of the medium. It is hoped that with the release of both the X100 camera and this landmark publication that we can continue to encourage more of the same, nurture Australian photography and inspire amateur and professional alike.